Your ant colony is trapped in its anthill. Spooky bugs and treacherous terrain stand between your hungry bretheren and the tasty morsels of food that could feed the colony. But you're one ant in a million. And it's your job to go gather up the food and bring it back... without becoming food yourself!

Navigate the maze of rocks. Avoid the nasty bugs eager to eat you up. Along the way, employ your super-ant ability of re-arranging the rocks to protect yourself, and maybe squash a nasty bug or two! If you're not quick on your six little feet, your ant days will be over, and your fellow ants will go hungry. But succeed, and they'll be singing your praises as the hero of the anthill!

Anthill version 1.1 is available for Mac OSX. It features multiple levels of play and high scores, as well as fun sounds and graphics. The game is distibuted as shareware, which means that you are asked to register if you enjoy playing it. Registration is only US$5, and it will stop the nag windows from appearing (of which you'll find more and more the more often you play the unregistered game, we promise!)

Download, Registration and Support

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