Box'EmIn is an addictive puzzle game for the iOS platform. The goal is simple: move the tiles and up and, and left and right, to create boxes to trap different targets. But don't take too long; you only have a certain number of moves available!



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Game Play

The concept behind Box'EmIn is simple. You simply swipe columns up and down, and rows left and right, to arrange them as boxes. Below are some sample boxes:

On every screen you'll find one or more targets. You'll also get a certain number of moves (swipes) allowed. Your goal: trap all of the targets in boxes before running out moves. Below are some of the targets you're likely to encounter.


Here's a little secret: every time you make a box--whether or not it encloses a target--you earn extra moves. But be forewarned: each type of target exhibits its own behavior. Some stay put on their tiles; some always float in the same spot. Others move periodically to another spot. Still others (like the bomb) will explode and end your game if you don't box 'em in quickly enough!