The ClokBox application is a new time management tool, designed primarily to work with the TimeBox application. It currently runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and Mac OSX, as well as any other operating system with a Java Runtime Environment.

ClokBox is a central part of the TimeSuite time management system. This system is designed for use by organizations that need to track the time spent working by their employees/contractors/etc. Each individual employee/contractor (we'll call this person a "worker") tracks his or her time with their own TimeBox instance. One member of the team, typically a project manager or program leader, will run an instance of the ClokBox application. Each worker can then periodically submit his or her time to the ClokBox instance.

Overview of how ClokBox and TimeBox interact

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(A) Individual workers track their time with their TimeBox instances. TimeBox can be run on Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, most Unices, and any other desktop or server OS with a Java 2 runtime environment.
(B) Users submit their time to the central ClokBox server. Like TimeBox, ClokBox runs on most desktop OSes.
(C) The ClokBox administration then runs reports reflecting the aggregated worker times. Reports are fully customizable. They can be viewed, printed and saved as pie charts, bar charts, etc. in a variety of image formats, as well as in various spreadsheet formats for further number crunching.

Features of the ClokBox application include:

  • A built-in Web server which allows users to submit their time manually or automatically.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities which allow you to customize reports. Create reports about specific projects, specific users, specific time frames, in whatever format you need--including pie charts, bar charts, spreadsheet, and a special importable format. View, print, or save your reports, or load them into the spreadsheet or database applications you already use.
  • Tracking of expenses, such as mileage, travel, dinner, or entertainment costs. Expenses can be organized by expense categories, which you can customize.
  • Tracking of fixed cost fees, such as consultation fees.
  • Invoice generation and tracking. Create your invoice according to your custom criteria. Edit and save the invoice, and track when it is paid.
  • Easy backup features help you prevent accidental data loss.
  • Easy user administration allows you to easily create and manage user accounts.
  • Improved communications, via ClokBox's exclusive QwikMessage feature, allows better collaboration among team members.
  • Easy installation. With no additional software required, installing ClokBox is as easy as installing a basic spreadsheet application.

More Information

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