MinIDE is an integrated development environment designed to help software developers and programmers create software on their PDAs. It offers the following features:

  • Auto-brackets (for the following bracket pairs -- { }, [ ], ( ), < > -- you can choose to have the pair automatically appear when you just type the first.)
  • Auto-indenting
  • Line break conversion (line breaks from other operating systems can be detected and converted to Linux line breaks [\n])
  • Compiling (compiler must be pre-installed)
  • Test running applications from within MinIDE
  • Line number search
  • Find
  • Font settings
  • Save to specific filesystem location (many Zaurus applications don't have this feature.)

The current MinIDE release is version 2.1. MinIDE is currently available for the Sharp Zaurus. Other versions will be available soon.


MinIDE, version 2, for the Sharp Zaurus, is available for download here:

  • - ZIP file containing IPK installation package and manual.
  • - MinIDE manual in PDF format.
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