The Zaurus is perhaps the perfect platform for taking notes. It's small enough to carry anywhere, and easy to bring into meetings, classrooms, etc. In fact, most users probably already bring their Zauruses with them in order to access calendar events, contact information, etc. The attached keyboard lets the user quickly enter lots of textual data. And the memory options allow for plenty of notes to be stored and archived.

Unfortunately, there haven't been any applications that are well-suited for taking notes on the Zaurus. Sure, there are various text editors that run on the device. But after taking notes for just a couple of meetings, management of the notes becomes quite cumbersome indeed. One must either store notes in individual files, making reviewing notes and searching for information difficult or downright impossible, or keep notes in a single, enormous file, which makes reviews and information searches even more difficult.

That's where NoteBox steps in. NoteBox is designed from the ground up as a note-taking platform. It allows notes to be stored and retrieved logically and intuitively. Instead of storing notes as files, you store them according to date, topic, or title. Notes can be retrieved across any of those parameters, allowing you, for example, to review all notes from all meetings with Client X regarding the design of their intranet, or notes from all Staff Meetings held over the past month.

The editor is also designed for quick, efficient data entry, avoiding unnecessary superfluous features, and providing other useful features such as auto-indent and auto-bullets for lists.


Sharp Zaurus
NoteBox, version 1.2, for the Sharp Zaurus, is available for download here:



    The cost of registration for NoteBox is only US$4.99. NoteBox will only allow you to take a limited amount of notes until you register.

    Registration is handled by Handango, and is quick and easy. Once you register, you will receive your NoteBox registration code. To register, just go to Handango and enter 49054 into the product ID field.


    For support questions, please contact notebox at taubler dot com (note: with the above email address, please replace " at " with "@" and " dot " with "."... the address was listed that way to discourage spammers from harvesting our email address!)

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