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What's new in OverSite™ 4?

OverSite is easily the most advanced wireframe and interaction design software you can buy. And now, it's gotten easier and even more advanced... because the long-awaited version 4 has finally been released! OverSite 4 gives you the features you've been asking for, while improving usability and performace. Let's have a look at some of what's new...

New Components

When it comes down to it, you're creating wireframes. And wireframes are made of components. And while you can use composites to simulate pretty much any type of component imaginable, let's face it; the more components we provide, the better. That's why we've added more components. Some are simple components, like our new Spinner. Some are complex containers, like our new tabbed pane. But all are designed to help you quickly mock up whatever UI elements you'll need to.

More New Components

We're particularly fond of one new component, the dialog component. This container simulates whatever dialog or popup window your UI might require, complete with titlebar and drop shadow! And while you can of course add your own components to the dialog, OverSite offers a few dialog templates—such as alerts, prompts, and file choosers—to help you avoid even more work.


OverSite has always allowed you to import your own images to place into wireframes. But odds are, you've had to import images for the same icons again and again. So, why not just build some of the icons commonly found on the web, right into OverSite? Introducing OverSite's Clipart Library, which allows you to place representations of common web icons and images—including arrows, media, email, charts and graphs, maps, social networking site logos, etc.—right in your wireframe. Best of all, all clipart is vector-based, so you can resize them to your heart's delight.

Stylized Spreadsheet Cells

You asked, and OverSite answered. You can now stylize individual cells in a spreadsheet component. Now rather than representing a basic table, your spreadsheet component can simulate headers, column indices, active cells, and more.

Wireframe Background Colors

Sometimes, white is just a little too bland. Even though they're just wireframes, some pages just need a background color. Now they can have one, with OverSite's new Background Color command. Furthermore, OverSite lets you specify whether to colorize just the current page's area, or any area that might have been inherited from parent sections.

Export Custom Styles, Composites, and Colors

We know. You spend a lot of time setting up the styles that you're going to use, create composites to reuse in your wireframe, and recreating your corporate color pallete as custom colors. So why do it again for your next project? Now, you can simply export any or all of those elements and import them into subsequent projects, or share them with colleagues.

Autocropping Wireframe Canvases

It can be tough to get your wireframe canvas sizes just right. One pixel too small, and you might lose part of a component. One pixel too big, and you might inadvertantly wind up with an annoying gap. Good news. Now, OverSite will crop your canvases for you! Just use the new Autocrop Canvas command, and viola! OverSite will resize your canvas to exactly fit your components—no bigger, no smaller. And as handy as that sounds for wireframe canvases, it's even handier when you're creating composites!

Notes Side Panel

It's not just the wireframe panel that's been getting love with this release. All of the other tabs have been getting spruced up as well. For example, the notes panel is sporting a new side editor pane, just like the wireframe panel! Edit those notes, identifiers, and component types without dropping a beat. And as with the wireframe panel, if you don't want to use the side editor pane, you can detach it or just collapse it out of the way.

But wait! There's more... lots more!

As always, OverSite runs on Windows and Mac OSX, as well as any other platform with a Java Runtime Environment (including Solaris and Linux.)

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