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Wireframe and interaction design software

OverSite Screenshots

This page contains screenshots of the OverSite application. Click on any of the thumbnails below to open a full-sized image in a new window.

Quickly create site or application structures with OverSite's Rapid Structure Creator. Easily drag & drop your sections, pages and screens. OverSite automatically generates a map of your website or application, and allows you to modify the look.
Create wireframes of your pages/screens consisting of various widgets and shapes. Create reusable composites, or laid-out groups of widgets and shapes, and place them in your wireframes. Creating multiple versions of a page/screen allows you to try out different layouts, or to create slightly modified layouts based on user activity.
Easily create clickable hyperlinks out of your widgets and shapes by dragging from them to another page/screen. Attach notes to your wireframes, to explain the function of various widgets, provide additional instructions to your designers/programmers, etc. Once you've created your wireframes, OverSite lets you preview them in the Clickthru browser.

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