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Wireframe and interaction design software

With OverSite's Rapid Structure Creator, just type in a hierarchy like this, click Apply Structure...

...and OverSite will auto-generate your site structure!

OverSite - Website and Software UI Structure Tools

OverSite makes it easy to define your site or software's structure: the folders and files, or sections and screens, that make up the application as a whole. There are two general ways of doing this: in the Structure Editor, and via the Rapid Structure Creator.

Structure Editor

The Structure Editor provides the most straightforward approach to defining your site or software's structure. OverSite provides you with a top-level "virtual" node. To there, you add section and page nodes one at a time, defining each section or page's name and attributes as you go along. The Structure Editor uses indentations and shading to make it easy to quickly see the overall structure. You can also easily edit nodes after you've added them. This includes dragging nodes to another location, and removing them altogether.

Rapid Structure Creator

With the Rapid Structure Creator, on the other hand, you define your entire structure (or a portion of it) at one time. Simply type out the structure into the provided textarea following a few simple rules: contents of a section are indented with a tab; and names of sections are suffixed with a slash ( / ). For example, a simple site structure might be entered as this:

	Consumer Line/
	Professional Line/
About Us/
	Contact Us

Once you've typed in your structure, just click a button and OverSite will load it into the Structure Editor automatically.

Of course, you don't need to decide whether to use one or the other. You can begin your structure with the Rapid Structure Creator, and then add more sections and pages directly in the Structure Editor. Similarly, you can start out by adding sections and pages one at a time in the Structure Editor, and then insert a chunk of them at one time using the Rapid Structure Creator.

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