Work Experience

StubHub, San Francisco, CA
Senior Engineer (9/06 - present)
StubHub allows sports, concert and theater fans to buy and sell tickets online, and is based in San Francisco, California. I was hired by StubHub to help the company as it transitioned first from Cold Fusion to a custom Java framework, and later from that framework to a more industry-standard Java stack.

  • Led a team in developing the company's first set of Web Services using a Hibernate/Spring/CXF technology stack.
  • Created a solution to allow certain transactions to be "auto-confirmed" using Java Messaging Service (JMS) and Apache ActiveMQ.
  • Led a team in architecting and developing tools to locate the current best-priced ticket listings based on historical data.
  • Wrote functionality to index and search ticket and logistics information using Java, Lucene/Solr, XML/XPath, and Oracle.
  • Wrote a preferences tool allowing users to set and maintain their sports, concert, theater, and/or season ticket preferences using Java, Oracle, ColdFusion, JavaScript and AJAX.
  • Mentored junior developers in the use of StubHub's custom-built Java framework.
  • Wrote additional customer-facing web applications using Java, SQL, Oracle, XML/XPath, JavaScript and AJAX.
  • Wrote various customer support tools using ColdFusion, XML, JavaScript and AJAX.

Bellamax, San Francisco, CA
Senior Engineer (10/05 - 8/06)
I was hired by Bellamax, an innovator in photo-enhancement software, to help develop the company's first desktop software application.

  • Developed various user interface elements using Java Swing.
  • Created and maintained editing tools within the application, including the application's crop and straighten tool.
  • Developed SOAP-based functionality to allow batch photo uploads to popular Web sites like Snapfish and Shutterfly.
  • Designed and created the application's printing and exporting functionality from scratch.
  • Wrote additional photo enhancement code using the Java Advanced Imaging API (JAI).
  • Demonstrated the software to potential customers at tradeshows.
  • Performed graphic design and user interface design for the application.

iCentric Corp., Boulder, CO
Lead Developer (7/04 - 8/05)
I was hired by iCentric, a Boulder-based mobile social-networking software start-up, as the company's lead developer and architect. My roles ranged from software product specification, software architecture, end-to-end software development, and additional tasks related to marketing and branding.

  • Developed the majority of the company's social-networking Website using Java servlets/JSP/SQL as well as Enterprise Java Beans.
  • Designed and developed framework for the Web application responsible for handling cellphone requests.
  • Designed and developed location-based software for GPS- and Java-enabled cellphones.
  • Designed and developed location-based software for GPS- and BREW-enabled cellphones.
  • Developed a WAP/XHTML version of the company's social networking Website.
  • Created server/database product specifications for the company's enterprise applications.
  • Developed numerous standalone Java applications to support the company's efforts.
  • Managed other programmers working on the Web application.
  • Initiated and led many of the company's product branding efforts.

EDS, Lakewood, CO
Consultant Senior (10/00 - 7/04)
I was sought and hired by the Denver Solutions Centre of EDS after I decided to relocate to Colorado. During my employment with EDS, I worked onsite for two of EDS's clients, never failing to exceed the client's expectations. While the tools I have used with my EDS projects have included PERL, WebObjects and Objective-C, my primary environment has been the Java 2 Platform. I had worked extensively with Java 2 Enterprise Edition, and developed numerous web-based applications employing Java Servlets and JSP, XML, Java Messaging Service, and Oracle 9.

  • Designed/developed a version-control system using RMI, Java Servlets/JSP/SQL.
  • Designed/developed a reporting and trending application using Java Servlets/JSP/SQL.
  • Designed/developed a tree view into a knowledge database using Java Servlets, JSP, SQL.
  • Designed/developed a Java applet that allows real time tracking product status.
  • Created and taught courses on J2ME, and XML/SAX parsing to client and co-workers.
  • Managed client account and served as liaison between EDS and client.
  • Used PERL to develop a tool that allows system admins to retrieve necessary patches for their servers.
  • Developed features of an online billing system using Objective-C and WebObjects.
  • Served as EDS contact for many of EDS's clients, and worked to nurture EDS/client relationships.

Creditland, San Francisco, CA
Lead Web Developer, (7/99 - 9/00)
Originally hired as a senior-level contract Web developer, I was later hired full-time. My work was originally done in PERL and PHP. In addition to programming duties, I was involved in design, illustration, and online marketing programs. When Creditland switched to Java and JSP, I focused most of my time with Java Server Pages and back-end Enterprise Java Beans. While at first I spent nearly 100% of my time programming, more developers and contractors were hired and I moved into a team lead position. By the time I left, I was spending half of my time programming, half managing.

  • Implemented the site's Auto Loan, Personal Loan, Credit Card and Mortgages section.
  • Developed numerous Web applications using Java and Java Server Pages (JSP), HTML and DHTML, Cascading Style Sheets, and JavaScript.
  • Developed back-end JavaBeans and EJB components.
  • Redesigned corporate Web site to meet various internal needs in an aesthetically-pleasing manner.
  • Mentored, supervised and art directed internal team of developers.
  • Administered the Web Development team's development server environment, which included UNIX/Linux servers, WebLogic application and EJB server, Apache Web server, Resin JSP/Servlet/XML engine.
  • Developed corporate Intranet tools and programs using PERL, PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL.
  • Worked on cross-functional teams to develop business and marketing plans.

NIA Interactive, Mountain View, CA
Technical Director, (8/98 - 7/99)
I was hired by NIA Interactive for two reasons. For my marketing and entrepreneurial skills, I was hired to help start up a Web and Interactive design firm. My technical Web experience lead to my heading up the company's technical division. During my year at NIA, I served many roles, including salesperson and client liaison, executive management and, of course, programming. The vast number of projects that I was involved in helped me to vastly expand my technical repertoire.

  • Managed technical development of client Web sites
  • Developed numerous Web sites using Java, PERL/CGI, VBScript/ASP, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, PHP, SQL, etc.
  • Managed internal and external programming and design staff.
  • Authored portions of video- and CDROM-based multimedia pieces, including composing/producing music.
  • Wrote proposals, generated leads, and managed client accounts.
  • Marketed, developed business plan for, and generated new business for emerging multimedia development firm.

Quantum Corporation, Milpitas, CA
Electronic Communications Specialist, (12/96 - 8/98)
I was first hired by Quantum as a temporary employee, focused on the corporate newsletter. Soon after, the Electronic Communications Department hired me away. Originally, I was hired to manage the site's content, but soon proved my skills in design and programming. By the end of my time at Quantum, I was responsible for the company's entire corporate Website.

  • Maintained entire corporate Web site.
  • Created original HTML and JavaScript for the site.
  • Created a number of CGI applications to support promotions.
  • Created original graphics and artwork for the site.
  • Helped to develop corporate Extranet, Intranet, and E-Commerce sites.
  • Developed numerous new sections for the site, including Press Center, Investor Center, and Graphics Library.
  • Maintained monthly homepage features for the site.
  • Served on corporate branding team.

Quantum Corporation (through Kelly Svcs), Milpitas, CA
Project Manager, (9/96 - 12/96)

  • Managed the corporate newsletter.
  • Managed the graphic design firm that developed the newsletter.
  • Wrote and edited marketing collateral and numerous articles.
  • Created graphics and images.
  • Placed the corporate newsletter on the company's internal Web site.

Lam Research Corporation, Fremont, CA
Advertising and Direct Marketing Specialist, (1/96 - 8/96)

  • Launched a new corporate-wide advertising campaign.
  • Implemented several advertising and direct mail programs to support product launches.
  • Managed the corporation's advertising agency.
  • Designed and wrote advertisements and direct mail pieces.
  • Designed and created graphics for the corporate Web site.
  • Wrote and designed material for the internal corporate Web site.
  • Developed a maintenance program for the corporation's global database of customers.

Anagram Visual Communications, San Francisco, CA
Creative Director/Partner, (11/94 - 12/96)
While finishing graduate school in Colorado, I was asked to help form a small advertising agency based in California. I joined as the company's advertising agency, and soon took on additional roles, including that of Web developer and client liaison.

  • Assisted in a company start-up.
  • Performed campaign planning and copywriting.
  • Contacted clients and managed accounts.
  • Managed the company's graphic designer.
  • Designed and laid out advertisements, brochures, sell sheets and Web sites.
  • Wrote press releases and articles.
  • Coordinated printing activities.
  • Purchased media and negotiated rates.