Freelance Projects

I've developed numerous Web sites and software applications for clients. My roles in these projects have included site architecture, client- and server-side programming, database development, and design and layout. These clients include:

SharedPlan, Boulder, CO

  • Built a centralize web-based repository for project management files, using Java, JSP and Servlets, JDBC, postgreSQL and Tomcat.
  • Built an online version of the company's project management software using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT).
  • Made numerous enhancements to the company's Java Swing desktop client.

Gearmark, San Francisco, CA

  • Developed an interactive prototype of an email campaign management program using HTML, JavaScript and the Dojo Toolkit.
  • Worked with a team to build out the prototype into a live application using PHP and the Zend Framework.

Blue Shield of California, San Francisco, CA

  • Created a highly-interactive prototype of a health plan selection tool, using HTML and JavaScript.

Fox Parlor, San Francisco, CA

  • Created an online client login system to allow customers to interact with this design firm.
  • Developed a bugtracking system using PHP and MySQL.
  • Developed a project previewing system using PHP and MySQL.

Print Network, Inc., Santa Clara, CA

  • Created strategic World Wide Web plan for print broker.
  • Created Web site in its entirety, including graphics, HTML, JavaScript and CGI.
  • Created FTP site for use by client's customers.

CopperCom, Inc., Santa Clara, CA

  • Developed architecture for, and programmed in its entirety, the company's corporate Website.
  • Used Quicktime, Flash, and RealAudio to develop audio and multimedia online special features.
  • Programmed the corporate Intranet, including the Active Server Pages-based message board.
  • Created numerous multimedia tradeshow demos.

Bob Cringely, San Mateo, CA

  • Developed a discussion board using PERL and CGI.
  • Developed a monthly email notification system using PERL and CGI.

Shareware Projects

I've also developed many programs in my own spare time, and have released some of them as shareware. Among them are:

  • OverSite, a popular website wireframing and architecture tool. Oversite allows web designers and information architects to rapidly prototype websites and GUI-based software applications. It was developed using Java Swing, and has a rapidly-growing base of registered users.
  • TimeBox, a time-tracking system with a "punch-clock" metaphor. Features include reporting functionality, editing features, a web server that enables users to track time remotely, a backup ZIP utility, and more. TimeBox was developed in Java using Swing, and has a large base of registered users.
  • ClokBox, a centralized server component to TimeBox. It features advanced reporting functionality, a built-in Web server, a backup ZIP utility, an instant messaging service, and other features. It was also developed in Java/Swing, and has a small base of registered users.
  • SwingMan, a game written in Java/Swing, and later ported to the Sharp Zaurus using the PersonalJava profile. SwingMan has a small base of registered users.


Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications.
University of Colorado at Boulder, December 1995.

Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric and Communications with a Minor in Music.
University of California at Davis, June 1993.

  • Thesis Topic: "The interrelationship between music and lyrics in creating an emotional message."
  • Degree granted with honors
  • Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society
  • Pi Kappa Phi Honor Society
  • Golden Key Honor Society

Additional education includes courses in:
Java, Java Threads and RMI, Advanced PERL, CGI, UNIX System Administration, Programming C, JavaScript, SQL, Graphic Design


Sun certified Programmer for the Java 2 Language



    Java Servlets/JSP • Enterprise Java Beans • Hibernate/Spring • Java AWT/SWING • JDBC • Java ME • XML/DOM/SAX/StAX • C • JavaScript/AJAX/Dojo/GWT • HTML/XHTML • CSS • Ruby/Rails • PERL • CGI • SQL • PHP/Zend
    Oracle 9i • MySQL • PostGreSQL •
    Illustrator • Photoshop • GIMP • Eclipse • Netbeans
    JBoss • Apache • Tomcat • Resin • Orion
    Object Oriented Design • Relational Database Design • Design Patterns

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