TimeBox | Prospector | NoteBox | Anthill | SwingMan | MinIDE

Personal and small-business productivity software


Contractors, consultants, freelancers, etc... keep track of the time you spend on various projects--at your computer or remotely. Run reports and perform backups, too.

TimeBox is available for Windows, Mac OSX, and any other desktop/server OS with a Java runtime environment (including Linux and Solaris.) It is distributed as shareware.


If you design, develop, or architect Web sites, then OverSite is the app you've been waiting for... even if you didn't know it! OverSite lets you rapidly develop your web site structures, generate graphical site maps, and test your structure's basic interactivity.


An aid to you while you're searching for a job. Currently for the Sharp Zaurus, and RIM Blackberry 5800 Series. It is distributed as shareware.


An application that lets you easily take and retrieve notes. Currently for the Sharp Zaurus. It is distributed as shareware.


Your ant colony is trapped in its anthill. Spooky bugs and treacherous terrain stand between your hungry bretheren and the tasty morsels of food that could feed the colony. But you're one ant in a million. And it's your job to go gather up the food and bring it back... without becoming food yourself!


A fun, quick game to play as a diversion from your normal work routine. For Mac OSX, the Sharp Zaurus (the Zaurus version features GUI as well as ASCII command-line play modes), and Windows. It is distributed as shareware.


A mini IDE for your Sharp Zaurus! Develop applications in any language: C, Java, HTML, PHP... (compiler required for compiled languages.) It is distributed as freeware.


An addictive puzzle game for iPhone and iPad. Soon to be available on the App Store!