SwingMan for Mac OSX

SwingMan is a fun, quick, pleasant diversion from your normal workday. Based on the popular and timeless Hangman game, it offers you a quick break from your normal work routine. A single game can be played in a matter of seconds, allowing you to take a quick breather, then get back to work.

SwingMan version 1.1 is now available for Mac OSX. This versions features GUI as well as ASCII command-line play. It also features full-screen mode with more fun and colorful animation and graphics. The new SwingMan also offers multiple word categories, including difficult, average and easy words, colors, cities, countries, and automobiles... over 21,000 words in all!

Swingman version 1.1 is available for Mac OSX. The Java 1.4 or higher runtime is required. Upgrades are available from Apple via the Software Update system preference. If you have OSX 10.2.4 or higher installed, then you most likely have Java 1.4 installed.


SwingMan, version 1.1, for Mac OSX, is available for download here:

  • http://www.taubler.com/swingman/SwingMan.dmg.gz
  • ftp://ftp.taubler.com/software/SwingMan.dmg.gz
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