Please note: TimeBox is no longer being sold, and is no longer supported.

New Users

What is the TimeBox Application?

This program is designed for use by contractors, and other workers who need to track the time they spend working. The program presumes that there might be any number of projects or clients (referred to by the program as activities) that the user will need to track. These activities might include various billable projects, as well as non-billable activities. The program also presumes that the user will be "off the clock"; that is, not performing trackable work 24/7.

The program lets these contractors easily track these activities. In this case, a work activity means simply that the contractor has begun billable work, has begun non-billable work, or is off the clock. The program also allows contractors to track activities for multiple clients or projects.

Features of the TimeBox Application

Punch-clock interface

To help you track your time, the TimeBox application features a "punch-clock" approach. Simply punch a button and identify what type of activity you are about to begin. The application also allows you to attach notes to your work. This way you can, for example, leave reminders of precisely what you've done on a given day.

Remote Access

Recognizing that you might not always be in front of the same computer when you start/stop/switch work activities, the TimeBox application also features a mini-web server. As long as your TimeBox instance runs on a computer with a dedicated Internet connection and known Web address, you can punch in and out from another Internet-enabled computer. You can also perform other simple actions remotely, such as viewing weekly summaries of your past activities. The Web server requires you to create a username and password for remote access; it uses basic authentication to ensure that no unwanted users can access your instance of the TimeBox application. And of course, you can control whether or not the server is running. Future versions of the TimeBox application will include a wireless Web server to allow you to punch in and out via a browser-enabled cellphone or similar device.

Advanced Reporting Features

In addition to allowing you to view quick summaries, the TimeBox application allows you to generate reports of work activities that you've tracked in the past. You can print, view, or save these reports to disk. You can also import your reports into a spreadsheet or database application for further number-crunching.

Advanced Editing Features

The application also allows you to edit time that you've already tracked, to easily add past days that you forgot or were unable to track. You can also create archives of your tracked time.

Easy Backup Features

Concerned about losing your data? Then let TimeBox's backup features help you make quick backups of all of your data. Need to switch computers? Use the backup features to easily move your TimeBox data from one computer to another.

Advanced Search Features

Easily search through past days that you've tracked, using any of a number of search criteria.

Merging Time

Track your time using TimeBox on different computers, then merge all your data into one instance.


If you don't already have the TimeBox application, you are welcome to download it from one of these locations:

TimeBox v5.8.1, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP:

TimeBox v5.8.1, Mac OSX:

Disk Image: Open the "TimeBox" disk image that appears on your desktop and drag the TimeBox application icon to the location of your choosing, such as the Macintosh HD/Applications folder.

TimeBox v5.8.1, UNIX/Linux/other Java-enabled platforms:

TAR: Untar the following download via tar -xvf tt.jar.tar. A JAR file, tt.jar, will result. Ensure that you jave a Java Runtime (JRE) of version 1.4 or higher in your system path. Launch TimeBox by double-clicking on the JAR file or by issuing java -jar tt.jar.

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