The TimeSuite time management system is a set of applications for contractors and consulting professionals. Individual workers use their own copies of the TimeBox client application to track their own time. They can then submit their times over the internet, manually or automatically, to an administrator running the ClokBox server application.

How it Works

The TimeSuite system works quite simply, as shown below:

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(A) Individual workers track their time with their TimeBox instances. TimeBox can be run on Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, most Unices, and any other desktop OS with a Java 2 runtime environment.
(B) Users submit their time to the central ClokBox server. Like TimeBox, ClokBox runs on most desktop and server OSes.
(C) The ClokBox administration then runs reports reflecting the aggregated worker times. Reports are fully customizable. They can be viewed, printed and saved as pie charts, bar charts, etc. in a variety of image formats, as well as in various spreadsheet formats for further number crunching.

The TimeSuite system has a customer base ranging from single users, to small shops, to large corporations like Sun Microsystems and EDS.

Features and Benefits

The TimeSuite system has been crafted and tuned to be an ideal environment through which project teams and organizations can collectively track their time. It offers the following features and benefits:

  • Multi-user access The TimeSuite system allows multiple users to track and submit their time via TimeBox, a feature-packed personal time tracking application. Time submitted by all users are then aggregated by ClokBox, a central server application, which then generates reports and graphs based on all users' times. Users who don't use TimeBox can still enter their time through ClokBox's web interface.
  • Secure Internet connectivity The TimeSuite system allows users to easily submit their time over the internet. Users need only enter the web address of the ClokBox server, and their username and password, once. From then on, they can submit their time either by clicking a button, or by setting up automatic time submissions. Connectivity uses standard Internet security to ensure that only legitimate users can access the ClokBox server.
  • Highly-scalable The TimeSuite system is highly-scalable across many dimensions. Teams consisting of any number of workers, small and large, can track their time. Any number of projects can be tracked. In addition, teams can implement the system in parts. Individual workers can begin with tracking their time via TimeBox, and later add ClokBox to aggregate their times. Similarly, teams may first implement ClokBox to allow users to enter their times online, and later provide the TimeBox client to each worker.
  • Near-effortless installation Don't let the notion of a client-server system scare you. Setting up TimeBox and ClokBox is a breeze. The programs install easily, just like any other simple application. While other systems require you to install and configure additional server and database software, that's all built-in with both TimeBox and ClokBox. Your team can literally be up and running in a matter of minutes.
  • Ease of use Both TimeBox and ClokBox were designed from the ground up with ease-of-use and usability in mind. TimeBox operates under a simple punch-clock metaphor, allowing users to easily punch in and out of projects. Time submission is equally effortless, requiring minimal setup while offering maximum results. ClokBox is probably the easiest server application you'll ever use. Despites its incredible power and customizability, the interface is clean and easy to use.
  • Advanced, customized graphs and reports As workers submit their time to ClokBox, the ClokBox administrator can generate on-the-fly charts and reports. These charts and reports are fully customizable, and can be output in a variety of formats including bar charts, pie charts, spreadsheets, and a special format for importing into other database software. Reports can be exported into PNG, JPEG, BMP or PSD image formats, or tab-delimited text format, or they can be printed directly form ClokBox.
  • Accurate invoicing The TimeSuite system ensured that invoices are completely accurate and up to date.
  • Improved team communication Using the TimeSuite system's exclusing QwikMessage service, team members can send each other instant communications, thus improving team communication.
  • Backup capability Both TimeBox and ClokBox offer data backup capabilities, to protect against unexpected data loss.
  • Fail-safe operation The TimeSuite system is designed to work smoothly across most networks and firewalls. And in the event that network connectivity becomes a problem, TimeBox workers can export their times to a file which can later be imported into ClokBox.

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